Curriculum & Learning Diaries


All activities and experiences offered to the children are planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Staff carefully plan your child’s next steps based on their current interests and stage of development using the In The Moment Planning approach. This makes your child’s learning a very individual process and as everything is play based often the children are learning without even realising it!

Learning Diaries

Vibrant and interactive and secure, Tapestry is a simple and effective way for us to track your child’s learning and development and share their special moments and progress with you online.

Text, images and videos can be easily uploaded via PC, tablet or the mobile app – anywhere there’s an online connection. Every entry helps to create a complete story of your child’s time at nursery. You are also able to contribute to your child’s diary by adding your own pictures, video’s etc from home. Children achieve their full potential when parents and professionals work together closely; therefore parents and carers are actively encouraged to regularly contribute to the planning and assessing process for their child.

When children leave our setting we can provide you with a permanent version of your child’s journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or on CD.


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