Forest School

“You can wash away the mud but the experience will last a lifetime”

We are lucky enough to have our own private Forest area at our Potterswood site adjacent to the nursery. Forest School is based on the Scandinavian model of outdoor education. The concept was introduced to Britain in 1995 by Bridgwater College. Emphasis is placed on building children’s confidence and self esteem through practical activities. We have four Level three quailfied Forest School practitioners.

We offer our children practical activities and opportunities to develop confidence and self esteem, that allow them to experience a sense of achievement.


Forest school

The Forest Environment

The forest environment provides children with the possibilities of challenge, safe risk taking, adventure and excitement in magical surroundings. All activities are led by one of our level three qualified Forest School Leaders. Some activities include: making bug hotels, tree climbing, shelter building, perfume/potion making, small fire lighting and cooking and safe tool use e.g. using potato peeler’s for whittling sticks and bow saws to make forest biscuits – sawing is done on a one to one basis with an adult dual sawing with the child – a full size bow saw is used to allow the adult to be in complete control of the activity.

Please be assured we have appropriate insurance in place that covers all our Forest School activities.

Our main objective is to produce confident capable children.